Easton High School’s Culinary Arts Program has been identified as “Exemplary” by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC).

To qualify as an ACFEF Exemplary Program, a program must be confirmed in full compliance with ACFEF standards on two consecutive Team Reports. Those programs received a grant of Accreditation and the Exemplary status. The Easton High School program is one of only four in the country to be deemed “Exemplary” and the only one in the State of Maryland.

Earlier this year, a team evaluating the program conducted an onsite visit. Utilizing a checklist and comparison of the program to the nationally recognized ACFEF Standards, the team determined that the program had substantially met the required eight (8) Standards areas in their entirety: Eligibility, Program Mission and Goals, Organization and Administration, Faculty and Staff, Curriculum, Facilities, Student Services and Assessment.

“Mrs. Linda Brown and Mr. Joseph Candel, along with all of their Culinary Arts students, are to be commended for this outstanding achievement,” said Mrs. Pam Clay, Curriculum Supervisor for Career and Technology Education. “I am extremely happy to see them receive this well-deserved recognition of their high standards and commitment to excellence!” A special emblem reflecting this prestigious status will be placed next to Easton High School’s information on the ACF Website.