EHS Interactive Media and Production 4th Annual Film-In


Left:  Team Pink Sweatshirts: Senior Jack Stevens captures a cinematic shot of senior Ben Corbin crawling across the floor Top Right: Team Toon Goon: (winning team from left to right) Seniors Caitlin Peerman, Nick Covey, Josh Valdez, (in a dragon onesie that was their team’s surprise prop), Nat Trice, and Jonah Sanders Center: Team BombDrop: Junior Seth Gunther writes a song with his teams’ surprise prop (a ukulele) during the storyboarding phase Bottom Right: Team So-Duh: Junior Thomas Lee directs a scene while team members Rayn Colbourne (bottom right) and Nicole Wright (top right) give tips on the shot

The Easton High School Interactive Media Production Career and Technology pathway hosted its fourth annual “Film-in” challenge. This process models the 24-hour film challenge of the Chesapeake Film Festival and other venues. 25 students on four different teams competed to storyboard, film, and edit a one to four-minute narrative sequence, all within the span of six hours (from 3;00 – 9:00 pm.) The genre of each team’s film, as well as a prop, event, theme, line, and sound effect that had to be incorporated, were not revealed to students until 2:45 pm, at the start of the event. Students were restricted to the school grounds to shoot the entirety of their film. Members of the Interactive Media Production advisory board were present at the event to support and assist students through the process.

Advisory board members Constance DelNero, Director of ArtReach and Community Programs at The Academy of Art, Easton and Joel Flora, an Easton High School Graduate and freelance Director of Photography who has worked on film projects for Under Armor, Chaco, Herman Miller, Microsoft, and Vice worked with students and acted as the event’s judges at the end of the evening. Easton High School Interactive Media Production Career and Technology pathway completers returned as mentors for the teams. Present were Ben Gardner, Cameron Miller, Jason Hash, McKenzie Bugg, Cailyn Thomas (class of 2017), Ginny Denny, Jonny Small, Rose Principe and Jack Connolly (class of 2016), and Joel Flora (class of 2014)

At 6:00 pm all filming ceased and students began the task of editing and creating special effects for their films. It was also revealed at this time that in addition to editing, they were challenged to design a poster for their film to connect with two distinctly different target audiences, create a bloopers reel, AND write a design pitch for the ‘film executives’ who would be judging their film.
The teams rose to the challenge and produced diverse and engaging narratives, ranging from humorous quest, a student suffering amnesia who can’t remember why he’s in detention, an unexpected take on a surprise party, and the answer to the question “Is water wet?” Students applied industry-standard Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects to edit their films.

At 9:00 pm students showcased their films and were assessed by the judges with a rigorous list of criteria including sequencing, application of effects, and incorporation of their surprise props and genre.
Chosen as the top film for the evening was “Countdown,” created by team “Toon Goon” which included Easton High School seniors Nat Trice, Nick Covey, Joshua Valdez, Caitlin Peerman, and Jonah Sanders.  In their film, a Spanish teacher (played by Easton High Spanish teacher Jeremy Hillyard) places a curse on the students as part of a prank that leads to a very surprising surprise party. The students’ completed films will air at the Chesapeake Film Festival in the Fall and on MCTV.

Mrs. Garnette Hines, the Interactive Media Production teacher at Easton High, organized the event to challenge students and give them an opportunity to work with professionals in the film industry. Each year she has tried to grow the event to make it better than the last year. This year, several members of the school’s Improv club participated as actors in the film. Local businesses, including The Tidewater Inn, Rise Up Coffee, WaWa, and Kiln Born sponsored the event by donating prizes for the winning teams. 


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