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Career & Technology Education

In order to prepare students to be college and career ready, Talbot County Public Schools provides two programs of study for middle school students. Middle school is the perfect time for students to explore and learn that there is more than one way to reach a solution. Gateway to Technology – Project Lead the Way (PLTW) provides engineering and biomedical science curriculum for middle school students that challenges, inspires, and offers schools variety and flexibility. Students get rigorous and relevant experiences through activity-, project-, and problem-based learning. They use industry-leading technology to solve problems while gaining skills in communication, collaboration, critical-thinking, and creativity.

It is also a time for middle school students to learn how to integrate academic knowledge with technical competencies through rigorous simulations and work experiences in order to meet the demands in today’s diverse global economy. Keyboarding/Computer Applications meets the necessary academic and technical enrichment for middle school students. Each course offered follows the national and state achievement standards and expectations to ensure that students have acquired the necessary computer skills and business knowledge to prepare them for continued education.

Gateway to Technology- Project Lead the Way (PLTW)
Keyboarding- Computer Applications