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Application Instructions

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1. Preparation of Application

Please read and follow directions carefully. The appearance of application materials submitted to Talbot County Public Schools is an indicator of the applicant’s 1) ability to organize, 2) attention to details and 3) level of self expectation for effective performance.

2. Cover Letter, Resume, and Transcripts

A letter of interest should be submitted with your application along with a resume that details your academic preparation, work experience, personal interests and career goals. Your resume should not exceed two (2) pages in length. Your educational transcripts should be attached to your application also. You may submit an unofficial copy. If you are hired, we may ask for official copies.

3. References

Electronic reference forms are available through the TCPS application portal and they are our preferred method for references. If a printed form is needed go to: https://tcps.k12.md.us/staff/hr-department/application-reference-forms/

4. Duration

All professional applications remain in an “active status” applicant pool for six months. After six months all applications will be destroyed along with supporting documents.

5. Applicant Pool

When a vacancy occurs the supervisor of the school or department where the opening exists draws from the approved applicant pool the files of all candidates whose records offer evidence that the applicant may be a qualified candidate for the specific vacancy. The supervisor reviews the files and determines which of the candidates he/she wishes to interview.

6. Interview

Talbot County Public Schools uses both an informal and standardized interview format.

7. Selection

The supervisor interviews several candidates and makes a recommendation to the personnel office and/or the Superintendent. If the recommendation is approved, the position may be offered to the candidate with the understanding that the Board of Education may also need to approve the candidate before the offer becomes binding.

8. Vacancies

Candidates may call 410-822-7557 to inquire about vacancies. The supervisor will determine which candidates to interview.

9. Certification & Licensure

Candidates uncertain of their eligibility for positions requiring specific licenses or certificates are urged to call 410-822-7557 to clarify their status.

10. Misrepresentation

The applicant’s signature on the application implies understanding and agreement that if employment is offered and accepted, and at any time thereafter it is ascertained by the Talbot County Board of Education that misstatements were given in the application, then the Talbot County Board of Education may in its sole discretion, consider employment null and void and immediately cause the discharge of employment of the applicant. This provision shall be a condition precedent to employment. Signature required at the time of application submission.

11. Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check indicating that the applicant is in violation of the Maryland Criminal Background Law, Article 27, 464 (A) (B) (C), shall result in employment being suspended immediately, and unless a personal appeal is sustained, shall make the employment contract and/or assignment null and void with termination to be effective the date and time of suspension.

12. Drug Testing

Talbot County Public Schools is a Drug Free Work Place. We require pre-employment drug testing. This provision shall be a condition precedent to employment.

13. Polygraph

Under Maryland Law, an employer may not require or demand any applicant for employment or prospective employment or any employee to submit to or take a polygraph, lie detector or similar test or examination as a condition of employment or continued employment. Any employer who violates this provision is guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a fine not to exceed $100.

14. Supplements

Applicant should submit any additional information (e.g., copy of current technical license) that may seem appropriate to your application.