TCHD COVID Vaccine Clinic for Children Ages 5-11 NovemberNov 10 2021 02:00pm - 06:00pm
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The Talbot County Health Department is offering COVID Vaccine Clinics for children ages 5-11.  For more information and to Make an appointment for an upcoming clinic visit:


The Health Department has received a limited supply of vaccines for the 5-11 age group. There are doses for 150 children to be vaccinated in this first "wave". There are approximately 2600 children in this age group in Talbot County.


A COVID Vaccine Clinics for ages 5-11 will be held on Wednesday 11/10 2-6 at Easton Elementary, to which all Talbot children are invited (ie, you do not need to be a student at Easton Elementary to sign up for an appointment).  Register using this link:


Our call center is available daily M-F at 410-819-5641 to help answer questions and to help sign people up. Because our allocation was so limited and determined primarily by our population size, we are unfortunately only able to offer vaccines to Talbot residents at this time, but hope that soon we can open up our clinics to a broader audience.


The COVID Vaccine Clinic Schedule will be updated as the Talbot County Health Department receives more doses.  Shore Pediatrics, Bay Pediatrics, and Choptank Health have also received or are in the process of receiving pediatric vaccines.


Please consider the following. Vaccinating children in this age group will:

Individually protect each of these children from severe illness and long-term complications from infection with COVID. The Pfizer vaccine was shown to prevent infection in 90.7% of children in this age group. Already in the US, more than 22,400 children have been hospitalized for COVID -- 1/3 of whom required an ICU stay; at least 605 children have died of COVID; and over 140,000 have experienced the death of a parent or primary caregiver to COVID. About half of the cases in children are associated with a long-term complication, "long COVID".


Allow more kids to stay in school and reduce the need to quarantine: Children in this age group -- like everyone else - are not required to quarantine from school after exposure to COVID if they are fully vaccinated.


Prevent the spread of COVID to others, who may be more likely to experience severe illness or even death, such as grandparents or individuals with high-risk medical conditions. This is especially important as we approach the holiday season and expect families to gather together.


Get us closer to ending the pandemic. We will quite simply not be able to reach an end to this pandemic without adequate vaccination of this critical age group.