Talbot County Public Schools

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Bayside Conference Cancels Winter Season

We have received the attached statement from the Bayside Athletic Conference announcing the following:

“As of today, every member county currently remains in a virtual learning environment with limited or no on-campus student engagement, therefore the Bayside Athletic Conference is canceling the 2020-2021 Winter competition season. Individual county members may provide student-athlete engagement opportunities as they deem safe and appropriate. The conference is continuing to work diligently towards providing Fall and Spring competition seasons.”

These decisions are very difficult ones, and we appreciate the efforts of the Bayside Conference throughout the pandemic in continuing to pursue opportunities for our athletes. 

TCPS Students Successfully Complete CNA Program

A cohort of 14 high school juniors and seniors have officially earned Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) credentials. All of the students completed 100 theory hours, 40 clinical hours, and an exam as required by the Maryland Board of Nursing with a 100% pass rate. They were given the opportunity to practice hands-on skills in local facilities and are now employable as Certified Nursing Assistants. Several will pursue degrees in Nursing at the collegiate level.