School Safety & Security

Report an anonymous tip to Safe Schools Maryland

YOU COULD SAVE A LIFE. The Safe Schools Maryland Tip Line is an anonymous reporting system used to report threats to the safety and/or well-being of students.Students, parents, faculty, staff, and members of communities throughout Maryland may use this anonymous, app- and web-based reporting system to share their concerns, such as:

  • Mental health crises
  • Bullying
  • School and community violence
  • Drug activity
  • Abuse
  • Harassment
  • Other issues affecting our Maryland students

The Safe Schools Maryland Tip Line is a tool for proactively addressing harmful situations and helping students who need it. By using a variety of communication modes to support the reporting and routing of tips, The Safe Schools Maryland Tip Line empowers the citizens of Maryland to create a culture of preparedness, prevention, and school safety for our students.

Suicide Prevention: Yellow Ribbon Program

The Light for Life Foundation Int’l/Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program® is dedicated to preventing suicide and attempts by Making Suicide Prevention Accessible to Everyone and Removing Barriers to Help. To learn more visit:

Yellow Ribbon Program Coordinator: Rob Schmidt, Ph.D.

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers (SROs) are law enforcement officers who are employed by the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office.  SRO’s are assigned to a school in accordance with a memorandum of understanding between the Sheriff’s Office and Talbot County Public Schools and have the authority to make arrests.

  • Easton Middle School: Lenox Trams
  • Easton High School:  Kevin Parks
  • St. Michaels Middle High School: Emily Schnoor
  • Elementary Floater:   Anthony London

School Security Officers

School Security Officers (SSOs) are employed by Talbot County Public Schools to provide safety and security-related services at the school(s) to which they are assigned.  

  • Easton Elementary – 
  • Easton Middle –
  • Easton High –   Michael Moaney,  (1) Vacant
  • St. Michaels Middle High –  John Asbell
  • TCEC/ALC – Trunell Johnson 



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