About Us

Welcome to Talbot County Public Schools. We’re a highly driven team of educators, leaders, managers, and administrators, wholly dedicated to serving eight schools spanning Talbot County in Maryland. We serve a diverse population of more than 4,500 students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12.

We are committed to providing the instruction, skills and guidance to advance our students to college or to graduate to a career.

How do we do this? Through equal parts:

  • Innovation. By leveraging technology, we’re ensuring that our students perform at their best and that we prepare students for real-world college and career environments.
  • Compassion. Our doors are open to the children of our community, and we’re tirelessly committed to ensuring that each student receives active instruction in an integrated, holistic manner.
  • Motivation. Our programs are engineered to be rigorous, relevant, and challenging. We set high expectations for both student and teacher – entirely achievable through hard work and focus.
  • Collaboration. It is through our powerful network of community that we succeed. Parents, businesses, and partnerships are all critical to our success and growth.


We’re a team of believers. We believe in the children of Talbot County. We believe in the power of community and collaboration to educate and prepare each child for college and the workplace.

We have high expectations for not just the students, but for ourselves. We’re passionate about integrating innovative, creative ways to nurture and foster each student that comes through our door.


Every child will learn, grow and succeed and graduate ready for college or a career.