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TCPS Youth Apprentice Maryland Program
A road to success. Learn how you can get involved!
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The Talbot County, Youth Apprenticeship program, is a partnership with local employers and the Maryland Department of Labor that allows students to “earn while they learn!” Juniors and seniors are eligible to work in career-track occupations while provided fair compensation. Upon completion of the program, students will earn four high school credits. Businesses can hire and mentor their future employers by developing the in-demand skills needed for their industries!


Learn More about the Apprenticeship Program! TCPS Superintendent Dr. Sharon Pepukayi talks with Apprenticeship Coordinator Danielle Haley about the TCPS program, the benefits and how to get involved.
Dr. Pepukayi and Danielle Haley
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How do I apply?

What is the deadline for completing an application?

What is the work schedule?

Can I work only during the summer?

Do I need a work permit?

What is required during my apprenticeship in addition to working 450 hours?

Who can I contact for program questions or application assistance?

Apprenticeship Program Benefits For Students

  • Earn while you learn. Youth apprentices are paid a wage while they learn valuable job skills. 
  • On the Job training. Students will complete at least 450 hours under the supervision of a mentor.
  • Discover your dream job. Confirm that the industry you selected is a good fit for you, saving you time and money in pursuing costly higher education or technical training after high school.
  • Get a head start. Youth apprentices have an advantage over other candidates when seeking employment after high school, because they develop valuable career skills and a professional network.
  • Become more confident. Gain self-assurance by working independently under the tutelage of a mentor.
  • Make new friends. Youth apprenticeship programs attract a diverse group of students.
  • Meet graduation requirements. Upon completion of the program, students will receive four high school credits and finish the Career and Technology Apprenticeship Pathway. 

The youth apprenticeship program is designed for juniors and seniors who are interested in entering the workforce while in high school and plan to continue in that industry after graduation. Through this program, students will learn and practice technical and employability skills under the guidance of a professional. Additionally, they will complete the necessary classroom experiences that meet specific industry standards. 

Please get in touch with your school’s Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator to learn about eligibility requirements, the application process, and available opportunities!


  • TCPS Maryland Youth Apprenticeship Program brings Talbot County youth and employers together to create skilled labor in today’s ever-changing job market.
  • Students are placed with approved employers who assign a qualified mentor that provides guidance and on-the-job training. The program provides the unique opportunity to “earn and learn”.
  • Participating in the Youth Apprenticeship Maryland Program is an investment in the future of Talbot County. 
  • Apprenticeship is a tried and true method of recruiting and retaining employees. Through our program, you receive help in recruiting competent students who, through instruction and mentorship, will develop into highly skilled workers, reducing turnover and decreasing costs. 
  • The Program gives the unique opportunity for you to build a pipeline of young talent who train to your standards.
  • We support both students and employers throughout the apprenticeship to ensure student success.
  • Once the employer application is approved by MATC (Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council), employers work directly with the Apprenticeship Coordinator who will advertise and market open positions to students. 
  • Students complete an application packet, including cover letter, resume and teacher recommendation.  
  • Applicants are required to complete related instruction. Related instruction is determined by the employer and the Apprenticeship Coordinator  based on the requirements for each position and submitted to the Maryland Department of Labor. Related instruction may be provided by the school system, by the apprenticeship employer, at a community college or a combination of these. Instruction may be in person or in an online format. 
  • Related instruction can be offered prior to or simultaneously with the work-based learning experience. 
  • Approved apprenticeship application packets are forwarded to approved apprenticeship employer partners for review. Interviews are scheduled at the discretion of each employer. Applicants are not guaranteed an interview or position. 
  • If the apprenticeship employer grants an interview, the employer will contact the student directly.
  • Once interviewed, the apprenticeship employer will notify the applicant and the Apprenticeship Coordinator of the outcome. 
  • If an applicant is offered and accepts a position with an apprenticeship employer, the Apprenticeship Coordinator will work with employer and apprentice to complete the required forms to establish the apprenticeship. 

Apprenticeships are administered by the Office of Career and Technical Education and are monitored by the Apprenticeship Coordinator and/or designated staff throughout the apprenticeship.


  • The apprentice is responsible for completing and submitting a monthly timesheet. The timesheet must be approved by the apprenticeship employer prior to submission. 


  • The apprentice will meet with the Apprenticeship Coordinator for a check-in quarterly. During this check-in, the apprentice will be expected to report on their apprenticeship experience. Check-ins are scheduled in person or virtual at the Apprenticeship Coordinator’s discretion. 
  • The Apprenticeship Coordinator will perform a site visit at the apprenticeship employer’s location quarterly to see the apprentice during work hours. This site visit consists of monitoring the student on-the-job and discussing training and work performance with both apprentice and employer. 
    • The Labor Navigator will contact you to schedule a visit to the worksite and assist you in navigating the approval process.

Apprenticeship Program Benefits for Employers

  •  Build your workforce. Youth apprenticeship trains workers in the specific skills needed by your company. Students complete at least 450 hours of on-the-job training under a mentor along with any classroom/training experiences your industry requires.
  • Connect to the talent of the future. Youth apprenticeships are a great way to develop a pipeline of talented, high-skilled workers to help your business grow.
  • Contribute to your bottom line. You will see a noticeable contribution to your bottom line through these highly productive and motivated employees.
  • Make your workplace safer. A well-trained workforce may reduce worker compensation costs.
  • Plan for employee succession. Youth apprenticeships help you successfully facilitate the transfer of knowledge from experienced employees to new recruits.

Businesses interested in mentoring a youth apprentice will work closely with the Talbot County Public School’s Apprenticeship Coordinator to develop a student work plan, recruit potential candidates, and assure the student is meeting both school and industry requirements. Please contact Danielle Haley for more information.

For more information on the Apprenticeship program and to find out how your business can get involved: