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Refer a Child

How to Refer a Child

Preschoolers and school-age children who have suspected or already identified problems in development may which interfere with their educational progress may be referred.

Who May Refer?

  • Parents
  • Physicians
  • Community Agencies
  • Child Care Providers
  • Other Health Specialist
  • Private Schools

Who is Eligible?

Residents of Talbot County, ages 3-21, who have suspected or diagnosed delays in thinking and reasoning, speech and language, motor skills, self-help skills, social and adaptive behavior. All services are provided by Talbot County Public Schools at no cost to the family.

Who Do You Contact

Children Ages 3-21:
Kristin Mentges
Supervisor of Special Education Talbot County Education Center
410-822-0330, ext. 139 or ext. 141