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Choptank Health opens Health Center at White Marsh Elementary School

Choptank Community Health System expanded its Talbot County School-Based Health Center program with the addition of a new health center at White Marsh Elementary School on March 21. The center is made possible through a partnership with Choptank Health, Talbot County Public Schools, and the Talbot County Health Department.

“We want to keep our students and staff as healthy as they can be,” says White Marsh Elementary School Principal Kimberly Seidel. “We’re seeing several new registrations each day and are encouraging parents and guardians to register their students for these important school-based health services by contacting our administrative offices during school hours.”

The White Marsh Elementary School health center is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 noon to 3:30 p.m. and is staffed with medical professionals from Choptank Health and the Talbot County Health Department. All TCPS public school students and staff can enroll in the program and utilize any Talbot SBHC site regardless of ability to pay.

“Now students in and around Trappe have access to our School-Based Health Center,” says Choptank Health CEO Sara Rich. “We’re grateful for our partnerships and staff to be able to bring this access to dental and medical health services to more students and their families.”

Rich says School-Based Health Centers oftentimes provide a child with their only form of medical or dental care, furthering the importance of this new center.

“We’re grateful for Talbot County Public Schools’ partnership with Choptank Health,” said Talbot County Public Schools Superintendent Kelly Griffith. “Our students can focus more on learning when they feel good and are well, while our school families benefit from the convenience and accessibility of these important services.”

Choptank Health operates 32 School-Based Health Centers in Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, and Talbot County Public Schools, offering medical and/or dental services for enrolled K-12 students. A new primary care mobile health unit is additionally being used as part of Choptank Health’s medical and dental School-Based Health Center services.

The School-Based Health Centers provide in-person, virtual, curbside well and urgent care, and other services including health education and risk assessment, sports and other physical exams, dietary support, asthma management, and sick or acute care.

Student enrollment in Choptank Health’s School-Based Wellness and Dental Programs can be made by contacting your student’s Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, or Talbot County public school.

Choptank Community Health System provides medical and dental services in Caroline, Dorchester, and Talbot counties, with a mission to provide access to exceptional, comprehensive, and integrated healthcare for all. Choptank Community Health’s medical services include primary healthcare, women’s health, pediatrics, behavioral health, chronic health management, and care navigation, with new medical patients now being accepted. More information is at