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Feedback Form- Inclement Weather Day Options

TCPS has already had to use four inclement weather days that were not included in the FY22 calendar. We would like feedback regarding options for making up those school days. Per the current approved calendar, these days would need to be added on after the last day of school, making the last day of school for students 6/14/22, with the potential for more inclement weather over the next two months.

TCPS Students Successfully Complete CNA Program

A cohort of 14 high school juniors and seniors have officially earned Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) credentials. All of the students completed 100 theory hours, 40 clinical hours, and an exam as required by the Maryland Board of Nursing with a 100% pass rate. They were given the opportunity to practice hands-on skills in local facilities and are now employable as Certified Nursing Assistants. Several will pursue degrees in Nursing at the collegiate level.