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Job Opening: Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, Systems, and Strategies

Position Overview

This position reports directly to the Superintendent.  The designated scope of work is planning, directing and administering the administrative affairs of the district including but not limited to human resources, operations, and technology. The position will require a key focus on standard operating procedures and process mapping, as well as work closely with the fiscal operation of the district. The successful candidate will assist the Superintendent with administrative functions and provide leadership in the above stated areas in support of the school system.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serve as a team member of the Superintendent’s cabinet and participate in district-wide planning, development, and evaluation to support divisional initiatives and processes.
  • Leads the district’s administrative affairs of human resources, operations and technology
  • Assist in providing leadership to assigned personnel, conduct performance appraisals, make recommendations for appropriate employment actions, and promote professional growth.
  • Lead the recruitment and retention efforts for various positions, placement of personnel; transfer or assignment of personnel and programs between/among schools; and assist with organizational analysis and development.
  • Build synergistic partnerships among parents, businesses, and other community stakeholders, and establish relationships with community leadership and stakeholders to build support for TCPS programs. 
  • Represent the Superintendent of Schools as needed to clearly articulate system priorities, policies, and interests.
  • Work with legal staff on personnel and other related matters as appropriate.
  • Provide input to the Superintendent’s staff to develop the annual budget and allocation of resources.
  • Lead the collective bargaining negotiation process and serve as chief negotiator
  • Leads and investigates  inquiries related to grievances submitted by employees, students, and patrons. 
  • Provides direct support in the adoption and implementation of all board policies.
  • Compiles, maintains, and files reports of all programs in assigned area(s) of responsibility. 
  • Plans, organizes, and implements professional learning activities for administrators and supervisors pertaining to human resource and staff relations.
  • Recommends and implements opportunities for employee recognition. 
  • Develops a human capital strategy to include: recruitment, selection, hiring, onboarding, compensation, and retention.
  • Performs any and all other duties as assigned

Education, Training and Experience:

  • Master’s Degree in Education from an accredited college or university (Doctorate preferred)
  • License for MD Superintendent I Certification preferred
  • Certificated course completion relating to human resources and/or business management preferred
  • At least 5 years of effective administrative leadership at the building and/or district level
  • Demonstrated skill in district system and service delivery
  • Demonstrated skill in supervision and evaluation
  • Demonstrated skill in oral and written communication

Closes: May 6, 2024