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Talbot County Public Schools

School Attendance Areas

Boundary Map Locator

The Infofinder Tool is for the convenience of all Talbot County residents, schools, staff, realtors, businesses, and new homeowners in the area. Infofinder provides school information associated with a 911 address in Talbot County. For the safety of our students, no bus stop or student information is available through this website.

Enter your address and click on the search button. Once the map of your address appears you will see the schools in your attendance area.

When SEARCHING, please do the following for best results:

  1. Avoid using punctuation
  2. DO NOT select school or grade
  3. Enter your street number, name and Dr, Ave, St, Ln, etc.
  4. DO NOT USE ZIP CODES unless you are unable to find results the first time.


In the event your address does not show up on the website or if you have boundary line questions, please contact 410-822-9535.