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District News

TCPS Hosts International Motivational Performer and Author Alex Boyé and the MD AWARE II grant bring the “You Are a 10!” Tour to Talbot County Public Schools, offering parents guidance and therapeutic support for youth mental health and suicide prevention, partnered with Talbot County Public Schools to bring the “You Are a 10!” tour with international motivational performer, speaker, and author, Alex Boyé to their district. Alex performed and spoke to students in grades 5 – 12 to inspire healthy thinking and interactions with others.

Alex Boyé was phenomenal, ”said Dr. Sharon Pepukayi, Superintendent of Schools.  “We are so grateful to be able to share his wisdom with our students. His energy, enthusiasm, and talent are the perfect combination to deliver such an important message.”

“With the current youth mental health climate across the world, and as a father of eight, it is important to me that our youth understand their worth, and they are a 10!” said Alex Boyé. “It is a privilege to tell my story of being the ultimate underdog, coming out on top, and helping students get through their struggles.”

On the “You Are a 10!” school tour, Alex talks with students about his experiences of being the son of a single Nigerian immigrant mother in the United Kingdom, his challenges growing up, and then succeeding as an international motivational performer and author. He also performs many of his hit songs to amplify his message of hope, optimism, and self-worth.

Alex’s book and video, “You Are a 10!” was recently released with overwhelming success, garnering positive reviews from school districts and students from across the nation.

The “You are a 10!” school tour is provided by the Cook Center for Human Connection and, and was funded by the MD Aware II grant. Representatives from were on hand during the tour to support teachers, parents, and students with additional mental health resources.

About the Cook Center for Human Connection

The mission of the Cook Center for Human Connection, a Utah-based 501(c)3, is to bring together the best organizations, programs, and products to prevent suicide, provide mental health support, and enhance the human connections vital for people to thrive. The foundation’s current focus is on supporting children, families, and schools with youth mental health resources and on the goal of eradicating suicide. This work is accomplished through various grants to schools, programs for parents, and global resources to bring greater awareness to the support needed for those affected by mental health needs and suicide. Their free resources created to support child mental health and prevent suicide include  My Life Is Worth Living™, the first animated series about teen mental health and suicide prevention.