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TCPS Pilots SafeTime App

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

The safety of our students and the security of our schools are top priorities for Talbot County Public Schools and must be a shared responsibility by all of our stakeholders. In an effort to empower our students, who oftentimes have information about potential threats well before school staff, we are introducing the availability of the SafeTime App. This pilot program strives to mitigate violent targeting of schools by enabling faster response to harmful behavior and potential threats. SafeTime is a digital system that allows students to report threatening messages and unsafe online content in a simple, easy to use interface. With the app, students can submit links, videos, images, texts and other suspicious content directly to law enforcement for assessment and response.

The SafeTime App is designed to allow for early intervention by law enforcement and social services to assist in preventing violent incidents altogether. It also allows for a prompt evaluation and response to potential emerging threats on campus that can be vital to increasing school safety.

If you are interested in  participating in the program, you can learn more on the SafeTime website at and our YouTube channel

To begin the registration process for your student to download the app, please click the following link:

Our multi-step registration process ensures student privacy and confidentiality. For questions regarding the registration process, please contact us at

Thank you for considering the SafeTime App and joining us in our mission to empower and protect children through timely and direct communication to enable a safer school environment.