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Important Information for TCPS Families

Important links and information for the 2022-23 school year from the TCPS Student Services Department

1. FERPA  – Family Education Rights and Privacy Act: Information concerning your child’s student records.

2. Bullying Reporting Form   – Parent and or student may fill out and return to school administrator in the event the child is the victim of a bullying incident.

3. Snippets   – Annual information from the Talbot County Public Schools Student Services Office.

4. Maryland Health Connection  – health insurance for your child.

5. Integrated Pest Management Program  and Asbestos Information 

6. TCPS Notifications    – Instructions about how to stay informed. 

7. My School Bucks    – A simple way to pay for student fees, school lunches and purchases. 

8. TCPS Text Messaging  – How to receive important information by SchoolMessenger text message.

9. Here Comes the Bus  – Stay informed about your child’s bus route, etc.

10. Habitat for Humanity Flyer  – Information about affordable home ownership.

11. Board Policies 

Recent Headlines

TCPS Pilots SafeTime App

The safety of our students and the security of our schools are top priorities for Talbot County Public Schools and must be a shared responsibility by all of our stakeholders. In an effort to empower our students, who oftentimes have information about potential threats well before school staff, we are introducing the availability of the SafeTime App.

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