Pep Talk – Second Quarter Stretch

Superintendent Sharon Pepukayi November Pep Talk

Whether you are/were an athlete, runner, or have engaged in any activity, the start is quite different than the middle or end. In the beginning, there is a feeling of excitement, exuberation, and elation, but after some time, if you are giving 100%, there will eventually be time for a time out, regroup, take a 1st mile water break, pep talk, etc.

We are at that moment now- the 2nd Quarter Stretch. The first 9 weeks are behind us and we should have a landscape view of what we are currently transforming AND what still needs to be transformed. This is the 9 weeks that are interrupted with various holidays, celebrations, events, and everything in between. My challenge and charge to you is to lean in, not get distracted, and keep your eyes on the prize— the students! I appreciate the patience, tenacity, smiles in spite of and because of. It is not easy but worth it! As Kara Lawson talks about below, we have to handle hard better because it will not get easy!