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Instructional Technology

21-22 Instructional Technology

Instructional technology below has been approved for use in the classroom when implemented according to the information provided in the “Access Information” column. Please note that the document has two tabs: core and supplemental. Any website, application, software, extension, or any other instructional technology tool that requires students to have an account, to download something, or collects any information must go through the approval process prior to being used in the classroom. To submit a request for review of a tool, please complete the Google Form that is linked at the bottom of this page.

Submit Technology for Review

Please complete the Google Form below to begin the review process for any tool that has not been approved or previously reviewed. Please note, approval is not guaranteed.

Reviewed 2021-22 Instructional Technology

Instructional technology that has been submitted for review or has been reviewed previously can be seen below. Prior to submitting the form below, please check that it has not been previously requested and denied, or previously requested and currently under review.