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Student Services

The Student Services Department provides comprehensive services for all students.  We are committed to enhancing student achievement in all areas of the school setting.  

The Department is responsible for implementing programs and initiatives to facilitate the emotional, mental, social, and physical health of all students.  These programs and initiatives include, but are not limited to:  School counseling, mental health, career development, school health/wellness services, dropout prevention/re-engagement, alternative programs, home/hospital instruction, student discipline, home instruction, out-of-area school placement, student enrollment/registration, student attendance/truancy, student records, agency placed students (foster care), McKinney-Vento (homeless) education, Positive Behavior Interventions (PBIS), Multi-Level Intervention Process (MLIP), suicide prevention, threat assessment, substance abuse intervention, and bullying.

The research is clear that there is an inextricable link between children’s social, emotional, mental, and physical health and their ability to learn.  The focus of the Student Services Department is to address these issues through prevention and intervention strategies and programs that remove barriers to student learning.  Through many of its programs, the Department assists in the creation of safe and nurturing environments that are conducive to learning.

The Student Services Department consists of:
16 School Counselors
7 School Social Workers
2 Student Services Workers
1 Family Navigator
1 Dropout Prevention/Re-Engagement Specialist
1 Engagement Specialist
1 Substance Abuse Intervention Specialist
1 Teacher Consultant/Behavior Specialist
1 MD AWARE II Grant Coordinator
1 Mental Health Coordinator
2 Alternative Program Teachers
1 Director
1 Administrative Assistant