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TCPS Recognizes 20-Year Employees

TCPS Recognizes 20 year employees

Talbot County Public Schools recognized employees who have achieved 20 years of service with the school district at the September Board of Education meeting.

“It is my privilege to recognize the members of our staff who have given 20 years of service to Talbot County Public Schools,” said Dr. Sharon Pepukayi, Superintendent. “This is a remarkable achievement, and I am grateful for your commitment to our children and their families.  Congratulations!”

The following distinguished members of the TCPS team have met this milestone:

Julieanne Atwell – Teacher, EHS

Anna Brohawn – Teacher, EMS
Amber Buchkoski – Teacher, EMS

Gwynn Gibbons – Teacher of the Deaf, MSSEC

Charlene Gould – Executive Assistant, TCEC

Donald Hutchinson – Teacher, EMS

Jeremy Joseph – Teacher, EES

Jennifer McGuckin – Teacher, CDES

Eric Moseley – Teacher, EHS

Susan Redmond – Instructional Assistant, WMES

Gia Ristvey – Teacher, SMMHS

Dawn Robinson – Teacher, EES

Kevin Shafer – Director of Operations, TCEC

Susannah Shafer – Assistant Principal, SMES

Tracey Hontz – Teacher, EHS

Leslie Sorrell – Teacher, EMS

Patricia Taylor – Instructional Assistant, EMS

Amy Walstrum – Curriculum Supervisor, TCEC

Katie White – Teacher, EES

Each of these employees will receive a certificate and a pin commemorating their